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Home Insurance

Often your home is the single largest investment or asset that any family will ever own. It is very important that your home is protected against catastrophic loss through a homeowners or residential insurance policy.

Today’s homeowners policies are more comprehensive than ever before and the coverage options and extensions can be mind boggling and confusing. Most homeowner’s policies include automatic extensions for contents, liability, and outbuildings however there are many other things that may or may not be covered by a standard policy.

Do you require a “floater” for personal items such as cameras, jewelry, laptops etc.?
Do you need sewer backup coverage and what limits?
Do you have a seasonal residence that requires additional coverage?
Is your home insured for adequate values given today’s high replacement building costs?
Do you own watercraft such as sailboats or powerboats?

Let our trained staff discuss your property insurance needs and help you determine your requirements.

We will discuss different home policy types and deductibles in order to assist you to make an informed decision when it comes time to protect your largest asset.